Life After Football

Life after sports for Anttaj includes entrepreneurship, mentorship and more time with family including being a #GirlDad. He has transitioned to an entrepreneur in multiple business ventures including but not limited to P.R.O.S. Corporate Housing, P.R.O.S. Realty and more.

His drive to help others is what has motivated him to shift his focus to mentorship, public speaking, and mental health. His experiences in the league have aided in his success when speaking as he is able to provide valuable insight into the industry. He provides guidance to those in all stages of their collegiate and professional career being that he found success at all levels, including his transition to life after football.

Anttaj has dedicated his life to helping others with an emphasis on sports and military veterans dealing with mental health issues. He has consistently been an active member in helping the community and will continue to advocate and support anyone overcome challenges amid their transition.

Involvement with TSGCC

In an effort to align his personal passions with his community ventures, Taj connected with The Servant Group Cares Corporation (TSGCC), where he has been serving as a board member since early 2020. TSGCC is an organization that aids special needs children and adults by providing tools for their familial, social, and medical needs. Anttaj’s board membership allows him to be at the forefront of TSGCC’s outreach initiatives. Taj is excited to continue giving back and serving as a leader within the community through this organization. He remains active within TSGCC and will be participating in their first annual Virtual Walk for Autism and Special Needs on October 17th, 2020.

Connect with Taj

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